Supporting Friends of HealthAlliance

The Supporting Friends of HealthAlliance (SFOHA) is a committee of the HealthAlliance Foundation dedicated to fostering a compassionate and comforting environment through volunteering and innovative fundraising.

Formed through the consolidation of the Auxiliaries at HealthAlliance Hospital: Mary’s Avenue Campus and HealthAlliance Hospital: Broadway Campus, SFOHA raises funds to support HealthAlliance’s mission of Advancing Care. Here. through sales at hospital campuses and community events such as:

  • Marketplace Sales (such as jewelry, uniforms, Tupperware, and specialty items)
  • Seasonal Plant Sales (Easter flowers, geraniums, mums, poinsettias and wreaths)
  • Community Events
    • Spring Luncheon
    • Bakeless Bake Sale
    • Fall Luncheon
    • Card Party
    • Tree of Lights
    • Holiday Tea

(Links available for current activities. Click above for details)

For more information about SFOHA or our sales and events, please contact Allison Morris, Director of Development at 845.334.3161 or

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